Hearts Enraptured…!!!

This was yet another Poetic challenge thrown to me by a friend-blogger..

She wanted me to write a romantic poem of a couple out on an evening walk.. lost in themselves… and the following is the outcome..

Annd well.. I must say, the outcome is indeed beautiful… I do feel I have been able to do justice to her requirements….:)


Hearts Enraptured…

Twilight time

Breeze sublime

Walk in the park

Soon wud be dark

Intertwined fingers

Silence lingers

Playing with hair

Senses ensnare

Enveloped arms

Fervorous charms

Spellbound in eyes

Passion reprise

Lost in our world

All mayhem slurred

Moments captured

Hearts Enraptured..!!


I hope you guys liked this…!!

Do let me know your thoughts… 🙂

Keep Smiling..!! Keep Blogging..!! Keep Rocking..!!!

Cheerios…!! :mrgreen:

My Open Heart

I kinda know you all are tired of my Love Poems tagged [V-Day Carnival]

aahh… but this is just the same..

Only this also ensures my participation in the Thursday Poets Rally hosted by Jingle…

It was mighty swell of you Jingle to give me a chance to participate and introduce to me many other poets too..

Thank you very much…

and as for you my readers.. Here’s my poem


My Open Heart…

I feel a magic in the air

As breeze plays with my hair

A name it whispers in the ear

His voice calling me near


My instincts seem to overdrive

Luring dreams, stills come alive

Drawing me closer to a silhouette

Hazy and misty his vignette


The fog spreads its icy wings

With it, a shadowed gloom it brings

Dispersing a veil, as if disguising

My clouded thoughts, condensing


Yet I feel a fervor rise

Drifting into darkness, my eyes

A picture clears yet afar

Leaving my heart’s door ajar..


So here’s to all those poets and lovers out there….. 🙂

All you poets put on our poetic caps and take part in the Thursday Poets Rally….

and most of all thank you http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com#mce_temp_url#for the opportunity….

[V-Day Carnival] In-Difference In-Love

/*UPDATED ~ 17th Feb 10.40PM = Do Check the HE-PART of the poem*/

I told yaa… I’m gonnaa keep posting.. so stop fretting and fuming over the post alerts…. 😈

aaahhh… but this time a completely difference shade of LOVE… especially and completely dedicated to those in the Oldy Hearts Club…

Oh you’re wondering what.. well.. this poem is dedicated to those who have been in LOVE for years on end…

Those who met.. married… fell in love and are still very much in Love.. Tolerating each other’s idiosyncrasies.. making fun of each other… damaging each other,.. and yet STILL IN LOVE with each other 🙂

yes this poem dedicated to all those old people in LOVE..

Me and a Friend-blogger, Sree of mine decided we would write it in 2 parts..

He would write the HE-version of the poem.. while I write the SHE-Version…

/updated/So finally Mr-I-was-caught-up-in-work puts up his post  do read the HE-PART 😀

Here we go….!!


In-Difference In-Love

Long have treaded the years
Even some hearing loss to his ears
And yet he never does change
His habits are still a pain
The bell rings and phone trings
Never does he answer
Our mornings and evenings
Same or sane, they are never
Gone are the days
When he would say
He loves me more than ever
But even today
In my heart it plays
His voice in a soft murmur
It was the V-day, our kids had planned
And arranged for us a date
And yet he lay, leaving the bed unmade
As usual he is late
I dressed in red, his favorite shade
But never would I admit
If asked, would’ve said “I didn’t find jade”
And let him sulk over it.
He adjusted his tie, made his hair
Which, is bereft of most tendrils
Off the handle I fly, for being late I can’t bear
I calmed myself off by the window sill
As he stepped out I glided towards him
He sang our age old song
“Lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek”
He looks bright but the lights seem dim
Striding with him I hummed along
While our kids stood cheering as they took a peek
50 glorious years yet the spark lingers
As we strolled in the moonlight
Whispering nothings and entwining fingers
Reliving memories we walked into the night


I hope you do read the other part of the poem on Sree’s blog

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen:

[V-Day Carnival] Do you

aaahhh….. now that I have presented many shades of love…

we’ve covered yearning… dreaming… despair… ofcourse the mushy moments too 😉

I thought what next…

How about some funk and attitude my mind said….

welll.. who said you cant have attitude in love 😉

Love has no reasons.. love has no seasons.. its just LOVE.. doesnt matter which emotion you express.. as far as you express LOVE 🙂

Love need not always me mushy.. or despair/pathos filled… it could be fun and zingy….

it could be attitude and funky 😀

Hell..Ya..!! Why not…?? 😉

So here we go an attitude filled poem 😉

Hope you guys like this 😀


Do you..??

You say

You like me

Adore me

But baby do you love me

You say

You need me

Want me

But baby do you love me


You should never

Cheat me

Betray me

And never ever lie to me

You should always

Pamper me

Treasure me

And always express your Love to me

So temme baby do you love me..


You need to

Charm me

Woo me

Make me go weak in my knees

Caress me

Cherish me

Convince me ur the one for me

Now baby temme do you love me


You say

You like me

Love me

But baby do you love me

You say

You need me

Want me

But baby do you love me


So that another of my humble offering to the world of LOVE 😀

[V-Day Carnival] Twilight Ecstasy

Atlast the day dawns…… everything mellow…… hearts all around….. birds chirping indelight… hearts meet in mellow sublime… fingers intertwined… cards..flowers…chocolates overflow.. red and pink hearts….ballooons…..

sigh…!! well… keeping up my tradition that i have been following this month.. here’s my offering to the V-Day Carnival….


Twilight Ecstasy…


We sat there, at the balcony

Chatting Nonsense, sipping Tea

Basking in the Orange Hues

Giving way to purpled blues

Sinking with the dusking Sun

Enjoying sweet WE moments



As we fought over last sips

A drop trickles down my lips

You reach across to lick it up

My pulse quickens, eyes rebuff

You claim my lips sending shivers

A moan escapes, mouth quivers



Immersed in each other

Passion raging storm

Entranced groaning murmurs

Burst to smithereens in arms



Twilight melts into night

We lay there ignorant

Fervor rising with every sight

Yet hearts in contentment



Sealed with a kiss, perfect bliss

Euphoric delights in heart exists

Fingers entwined, lost in love

Blessed and Destined, by Angels above



This time a different style…embarking on different pastures…trying my mushiest best… though i think there is always room for better…

Nonetheless… this is my offering..Where’s yours??

That’s it from Megzone for now..!!

Keep Smiling..!!! Keep Rocking..!!! Keep Blogging..!!

Cheerios..!! :mrgreen: